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Medal and Apervita Bring Predictive Analytic Playlists to Healthcare

For the first time, Medal will make available their extensive catalog of medical algorithms through Apervita as conveniently curated bundles.

Chicago, Illinois – November 19, 2015 – The Medical Algorithms Company (Medal) has spent the past 15 years, rigorously mining medical literature for computable health analytics, such as predictive algorithms and scores. Thousands of these algorithms are available for use today on Medal’s website. Today, Medal and Apervita introduce a leap forward in the practical use of predictive analytics at the point of care by announcing that physicians will now be able to subscribe to and use Medal algorithms as integrated bundles of predictive analytics from the Apervita Market. These evidence-based predictive bundles can support clinicians in performing a multitude of tasks, such as screening patients for disease, predicting complications or assessing the need for a referral. They snap into EHRs systems, source data on-demand from the patient health record, and return clinical insights back into the workflow.

“With the proliferation of EHR systems the industry is efficiently capturing large volumes of digital patient data, but has yet to take full advantage of it. Physicians have long recognized the need to automatically process data, alleviating them from tasks that can be more efficiently handled by computers”, said Johannes Harl, CEO of The Medical Algorithms Company. “We are delighted to announce that Medal is taking our relationship with Apervita to a new level by starting to offer more of our 21,000 medical algorithms as integrated bundles that can easily snap into existing electronic health record systems. With Apervita, physicians will be able to subscribe to hundreds of Medal algorithms in conveniently curated bundles that are able to continually process patient data 24 hours a day. Apervita reduces the burden on physicians and delivers relevant and timely patient results.”

With new outcome-centric reimbursement models health providers must quickly empower their organizations with relevant tools that address priority issues, such as readmission risks, chronic disease, infection control, quality and safety compliance, and care team coordination.

Medal’s thousands of algorithms will be available on Apervita’s platform in the form of bundles that are designed to address key quality and safety pain points for hospitals, health systems and health plans. “Medal has worked to design bundles that hospitals care about today. For example, the Medal Healthcare-Associated Infection bundle addresses the six types of infection reported annually on Medicare’s Hospital Compare website” remarked Tim Gustafson, M.D., Apervita’s Chief Authoring and Content Officer. “These bundles, which include many analytics designed for specific diseases or other complications, are bringing to health a similar convenience that playlists have brought to music. Instead of having to hand-select individual algorithms by different authors, one algorithm at a time, complementary analytics for a ‘diabetes prevention playlist’ or ‘readmission prediction playlist’ are easily accessible with the click of a button. In the same way, bundles take the work out of searching for relevant analytics – health providers can now find analytics from many different institutions and authors all in one place and ready to use.”