Preparing for Summer: Using our Medical Algorithms platform to review common situations

Summer is approaching. With the warm weather comes the opening of community swimming pools, outdoor activities, and unfortunately, summertime illnesses. Whether it’s from sunburns, swimmer’s ear, mosquitoes, or food-borne illnesses from barbecuing, each can create a diagnostic dilemma for clinicians when their clinic schedule is busy and patient interaction time is limited.  Medical calculators can help physicians maximize time with their patients and improve outcomes.  Some of the clinical decision making tools available on our platform which are especially helpful for handling summertime ailments are outlined below.

During the summer months there is an increase in the incidence of infections stemming from hot tub use. One of the most common is a pseudomonas folliculitis (aka: hot tub itch or hot tub folliculitis).

Mosquitoes are also extremely prevalent during the summer months. The Medical Algorithms Company has previously reviewed mosquito-borne illnesses such as Zika virus, Dengue Fever, and West Nile Virus.

  • When a mosquito-borne illness is suspected, medical algorithm use may improve clinical workup and diagnosis.

In addition to recommending daily sunscreen use, physicians and other members of the healthcare team can educate their patients about what the UV index means and when to avoid outdoor activities. While never a reason to not wear sunscreen, knowing what the daily UV index is expected to be, can help patients plan their outings accordingly and for those at increased risk for sunburns or skin cancer, it can be of great importance.

Potluck dinners, Fourth of July BBQs, or picnics at the beach can all be fun and create great memories. However, the exposure of many common foods to warm temperatures without proper storage, raises the risk for foodborne illnesses.

Using the algorithms available online or via our iOS or Android app, physicians, residents, and medical students can use the clinical decision support tools available from The Medical Algorithms Company to best care for their patients.